The Okies Beyond the Dust Bowl

Photographie par Dorothea Lange
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Une femme avec son enfant et son mari en direction de Los Angeles en espérant une meilleure vie.

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The hard-times road of the 1930s

Okies, Arkies, Texies, Dust Bowlers : They had many names, but no place to call home. The family was stalled on U.S. 80 near Lordsburg, New Mexico, in may 1937. On the road with them were half a million migrants from rural America, heading west and looking for work. They came from many states : Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas - places where they could no longer make living.

Une femme dans son automobile.
Pohotographie par Russell Lee

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    Living out tin cans, their old car packed with the few possessions they own, as family camps near Muskogee, Oklahoma, in June 1939. To get money for food and gasoline, the Okies often stopped on their journey west to hire on as seasonal laborers. a day's labor brought around a dolar in wages. Many travelers were plagued by malnutrition and dysentery, although this mother may have coped with the latter by doses of Lacto Dextrin, a remedy "for changing the intestinal flora." Unchanged were the day-to-day realities of feeding the family, repairing the car, and washing clothes.

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Lillian Redman, roadside hostess for half a century, still offers bargain rayes to travelers on Business 66 in Tucumcari, New Mexico.

Photos tirées de la revue National Géographic, Vol. 166, no.3 Septemper 1984 en page 322 - Beyond the Dust Bowl

Informations ce reportage:
Durant la grande dépression des année 1930, des tempêtes de poussières détruisaient les champs des fermier des grandes plaines de  l'ouest Américain (Oklahoma). En effet, il y a eu une grande sécheresse durant ces années là.Ce qui a fait déplacé des familles souvent appeler Okies.  

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