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Objective of the collect

Here a page to establish the objective for year 2006/2007 by comparing the incomes of the foundation with other companies which wish to maintain the women in the thinness obsession. That is to say all the opposite that the foundation belles rondeurs will make. 

The more the foundation belles rondeurs will receive donation, the more it will have to be able to influence to compete with the denigration industry of oneself which the women currently undergo. To give money to this foundation is an action of affirmation for saying that you do not want to any more to submissive you to their dictatorship appearances. 

A dictatorship by absence of choice. The foundation belles rondeurs will offer an alternative for the women. The women will be able, without embarrassment, to make the choice between artistic works which celebrate the female curves or those which develop the thinness like criterion of female beauty. 

Graphique 1
Graph 1 gives an idea partial of the amount of money devoted to maintain the women in the thinness obsession

Sodec subsidizes the cinema and the television about 58 million per year according to the Annual report of management 2004-2005. Sodec subsidizes the thinness indirectly, because the money is given to clicks of persons who love only the thin and delicate women. 

According to the magazine protégez-vous of June 1994, the annual incomes of Weight Wactchers was 11 million and Mincavi was 2 million. 

For a total of 71 million dollars per year. 

The objective of the collect for the year which comes which begins this July 14, 2006 and will finish on July 14, 2007, 

will be of 0.1% this 71 million is 71.000 dollars for donation which will come from everywhere around the world. 

Meaning 7100 people who give 10 $. 

Progression of the gifts which the foundation belles rondeurs will receive 

Date 14/07/06
Amount  0.0 $

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