Âge : 25
Taille : 5'4"/ 1m63
Poids : 193 lbs / 88 kg
Mensurations : ?
Taille des vêtements : XXL. 50/52
Réside :?, Italia
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Text of présentation :

I grew up in a country where being thin is the only socially-accepted way to be beautiful. Therefore, when I was a teen, I struggled with my Mediterranean hips and curves.

Fortunately, in the last few years, I started listening to my body and accepting myself.

Now, I feel perfect just the way I am. In addition, I realized how much happier and freer I feel. I love my body! I love being soft, my hips and curves are so feminine and unique. It is also an amazing feeling when you feel comfortable in your body. Everyone should feel beautiful and comfortable.

Thank you for this opportunity.

Soft warm hugs,


The color of your eyes: Blue/Green eyes.
The color of your hair: Brown
Your astrological sign: Pisces
Your favorite dish: Pizza
Your favorite music style: Jazz.
Your favorite hobby: Photography, going for a walk with my aussie, nature in general makes me feel good, reading a good book with a hot tea. (and some pastries! I have a huge sweet tooth)

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