Age: 38
Height: 5'1" / 1m52
Weight: 206 lbs / 93 kg
Measurements: 40 DD Bust 115 cm Waist 106 cm Hips 118. cm
Clothes size : pants is size 12
Réside / Living:Puerto Rioco
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Hi my name is Jessica Melendez, im 37 years old, i was born in Puerto Rico, I moved into the United States when I was 14 years old. Im a very sociable person, insightful, and very accountable to the work I emmit.

My passions are singing, dancing, with a huge dream tha im going to be able to récord my own music, i also love taking pictures and being proud of who i am. Im a plus size since i was very young. Estrella Rojas spoke to me about this amazing opportunity and i will be more than happy to participate in MISS RONDES UNIVERS 2018.

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1-Jessica Melendez cantando en la iglesia de East Boston vivo a la Virgencita de Guadalupe

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