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Demand and Expectation for Sponsors

In order to obtain sponsorship for the Miss Plump 2003 Beauty Contest, your help and support is needed. The purpose of this page is to explain the importance of obtaining sponsorship for the cause of generating respect for the full figured woman. The support desired will be in the form of sponsorship from major businesses that are well known and respected in the community. It is important to recognize the fact that sponsorship from major businesses has been granted for events conducted by other groups who have faced discrimination in our society. In the following paragraphs, I will use the Gay Pride Movement to illustrate my point. The Homosexual community has been successful in rallying the support of major sponsors, and therefore it should be equally as possible to obtain such support for the Miss Plump 2004 Beauty Contest.

The Miss Plump Beauty Contest has been conducted from the beginning in order to draw attention to the fact that feminine curves are desirable, admirable and beautiful. It has been used to assert the fact that curves (meaning the areas on a woman’s body that are noticeably round due to the natural presence of adipose tissue) are healthy, aesthetically acceptable, and are the major distinguishing factor in identifying the feminine body.

Feminine curves (as those described above) are currently considered a taboo in our society in the same way that homosexuality has also been considered a taboo. At one point, someone decided to take action to change this. Hence, certain homosexual members of society chose to challenge the taboo by making it their objective to change the perceptions that society had about them. The Gay Pride Movement was started to help members of the Gay community be perceived as the same as other citizens in the community. The goal was to obtain respect from the Non-Gay community.

There is a distinguishing factor that makes the acceptance of plumpness different from the acceptance of homosexuality. This difference is that no one has ever attempted to capitalize from the situation of the homosexual, while many businesses and individuals seek to gain profit from the plump woman’s perceived position in society. In other words, there has never been a product developed or promoted that will “help” the homosexual return to a heterosexual lifestyle. However, many companies have been built and many pockets have been filled with cash by selling weight loss products and services to women, telling them that they must be thin.

With all of these things considered, it becomes clear that women are being used by enterprises to make money, with no respect for the fact that they are members of society who deserve to be treated with equal amounts of respect and dignity as the thin woman. The best way for the full figured woman to gain the respect she deserves is by exercising her economic buying power in a way that will support her cause. To use the homosexual’s position as an example; An openly homophobic enterprise would clearly alienate members of the homosexual community, making it nearly impossible to obtain customers who are homosexuals. Homosexuals spend 500 million dollars each year in North America. Knowing this, businesses are seeking to build a connection with the homosexual in order to obtain their business and boost profits.

The plus sized woman spends 32 billion dollars each year in clothing alone! Thus, full figured women have significantly more buying power than homosexuals do. Unfortunately women have not yet fully utilized their economic buying power to demand the respect deserved. Indeed, it is only plus size clothing stores and international businesses such as The Body Shoppe in which they are not fatphobic. Women allow themselves to be insulted, without reacting or responding. For example, this advertisement for the Ford Focus can be seen in the magazine Châtelaine of September 2002 on page 12.

Is this ad suggesting that a thin woman can raise urban esthetic? If not, why are they using a thin top model to try to sell this car to the average female consumer? Perhaps men viewing the ad will say to themselves: “If I buy this car, maybe I will find a thin girlfriend like her”.

Is it a selling argument implying that women are ugly? Obviously not.

Logically, to sell a product to a woman, the seller must give her a feeling that she has value as a customer and as a person. This must be done to give her the feeling that she is correct in the way that she is. Therefore, in order to respect women, to sell a car or other products advertised on the market, women must be used in the ads who have a size that represents the average individual in the feminine population. The average women wear a size 14 to 18 !

If a woman can recognize herself physically in the model used in the ad for a product, she will be more inclined to identify herself with that model. She will appreciate the ad, and will be more likely to find the product to be one fit for her lifestyle.

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The idea

The idea which should be well represented to businesses in the request and in expectation of obtaining sponsorship is this: "To sell a product to the full figured woman, you must use full figured women in yours ads. This must be done in order to give the impression that she is an important person with a significant place in society." Remind them that she has considerable economic buying power! Ask them if it is correct to be a plump woman. Pose these questions; "Do we have to be thin? Do we have to diet to become thin in order to be able to buy yours products?"

Prove that your enterprise respects women by sponsoring this beauty contest.

We will ask them to give money or prizes to each winner of the contest. We will also ask them to make an ad using a plump woman.


The sponsors of the gay parade of Montréal

If the government of Quebec, government of Canada, the city of Montreal, the Molson Brewery , the Bay store, Archambault, Coca Cola, Schick razors, Air Canada, the Casino of Montreal, CKOI radio, and TQS TV channel sponsors the gay parade, shouldn’t we also be able to find sponsors for the Miss Plump 2004 Beauty Contest ?

San Francisco Pride Parade
Pride Toronto  
Vancouver Pride Society

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