How the election will be done


Submiting period will be between : First of july 2018 to 5 february, 2019 (late inscription will be accepted until february 25 2019)

The result of the vote will be known on : May 6, 2019, the date of the International No Diet Day.

Again this year, the Round universnet Miss 2019 will be determined by the addition of two notes from the amount of money it receives in donations and evaluation by a jury.

Public voting is integrated calculates donations. To a question of fairness candidates may receive donations only from 6 February. The donation period will end on May 5th 2019 23:59 Quebec.

More candidates will register early more they will have a chance to set up a fan club and find sponsors that will donate to her when the times come.


Stages of the election:

From 1st July 2018 to February 5, 2019 registration period. (late inscription will be accepted until february 25 2019)

March 04, 2019, presentation of the first evaluation of judges.

On March 25, 2019, presentation of the second evaluation of judges.

On April 22, 2019, presentation of the before latest evaluation of judges.

May 6, 2019, presentation of the final results.

Criteria of the selection

The candidate who will accumulate the largest amount of donations will receive a score 50% and that will get the best assessment from judges will get a score of 50%. The winner will be the one who gets the highest score on 100% by combining 2 notes.

Donations for 50% of the total rating:

On the profile page of each of the candidates, there will be a donate button (Buy) paypal sent to their name on the next February 6 2019. The foundation belles rondeurs, at the end of the contest, will send their amount of money that they will accumulate from their donation button (Buy) paypal.

The judge evaluation 50% of the total score:

Here is how the jury will make their assessment based on specific criteria with a scoring system of 20 for a total of 80 points.

The critera's:

As one of the goals is to build up a fan club. Candidates, by the following criterias (subject to change) increases their chance to attract attention and get fans.

  • 20 points for the quality or professionalism of the pictures provided by the candidate
  • 20 points for the quuality of the contents of the text of presentation of the candidate
  • 20 points for her participation of the bonus program
  • 20 points for about the look: the high- class, prestige, elegance, glamour and the originality of the candidate on her pictures
Proposal of an evaluation grid subject to change:

Score Pictures quality Text of presentation Bonus program Glamour
Upon 5 For the 2 required pictures The quality of the english writing Publicize the contest The clothes
Upon 5 On the quality of lighting The pertinence as requested subject Originality of their projects and showing their artistic talents Hair and Makeup
Upon 5 For their originality On generosity to share his experiences Quality photos or video montages Posture, voice, verbal espressi
Upon 5 The final render pr delevery On the serious to learn to appreciate her curves Participation in secondary contest The general look
Total 20 20 20 20

Vote of the public and calculated popularity:

Public vote begins today and is in the form of donation. It will ended may 5 11.59 pm hour of Quebec 2019.

Rules for the public vote:

The winner of the public vote will be determined by the total amount of donation she will receive. The minimum donation is $ 2.00 Canadian. Peoples can vote (donate) as many times they want and they do not have a limit on the amount of money they want to donate to the candidate of their choice.

Prizes will consist of donations that candidates will receive.

All candidates will receive donations. The more a candidate will be active the more it will increase her chances to receiving donations.

Toward the rules

Toward the rules

All persons and entreprises are invited to give money to the belles rondeurs foundation.

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